Wednesday, August 22, 2012

May The Force Be With You This Weekend

Around my house, we are gearing up for a little something called "Star Wars Celebration VI." I think the cool kids call it "CVI," but in my role as mom I am not allowed to be cool and therefore have no idea what to call it other than "that big Star Wars party." My 5 year old gets it. So, Star Wars Celebration is in Orlando this weekend!! I have never been, but it was in Orlando at the Convention Center 2 years ago and here it is again so we are all going this time around. Basically it's a HUGE, Star Wars only convention. Lots of merchandise, exclusives, toys, clothing, etc. Also a lot of famous people in town, tons of people will be at the convention in costume & there will be Droid races & other fun stuff going on. I considered making costumes for all of us, but just back in May we got our new Her Universe shirts & I really wanted to wear that. Her Universe is Ashley Eckstein's company, and she sells, among other things, Star Wars apparel exclusively for females!! A huge hit in a world geared towards men. I love my Princess Leia & Luke shirt -- "Looking for love in Alderaan places."

Will be following up with a recap and hopefully lots of pics from Friday at some point this weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Box of Kleenexes, anyone?

Today was our first day of Kindergarten. And actually, I have some tissues to spare, because the first day wasn't as traumatic as I had envisioned. Delaney was fine, and I made it out of the classroom before one or two tears made their escape. I was sad to see her stay in the classroom, but glad she was brave & was excited to be there. I am really excited about her school, because she gets "specials" or whatever they call them nowadays for an hour each day, except Wednesday, which is early release day. I love that she will get her fill of so many things she loves, like art, music & playing outside. I am still counting down the minutes until it's time to go pick her up though!!

And in other exciting news, I am on week 2 of the Couch to 5k program and I love it. I was actually really disappointed last night because I got ready to run, headed outside and it WAS NOT raining. I got 2 houses away and it started raining pretty heavy so I turned back and finished the day's program in my living room which wasn't as great as it would have been if I got in a real workout. The funniest part was watching Sophie watch me, and when I would run in place, she would run in circles around the family room. Silly goose!

My costume for the Royal Family 5k is almost complete -- I decided rather than to order a sparkle skirt, I would make my own tutu for this event. I'm happy to say my tutu is coming along great!! I love it, but I'm going to have to wait until around November or December to finish it because I'm hoping once I start running regularly that I'll drop a little weight and have to take in the elastic for the waistband. I think the only other thing I need is my Pascal applique! Once my outfit is done and together, there will definitely be pictures!!

Hopefully Sophie will start taking naps again and maybe we'll see a little more of each other!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Run Like A Princess

This is a big week!! I am going to start my Couch to 5k program & prep for the Royal Family 5k during the Disney World Princess Marathon, which is on February 23rd. I am truly going from the couch to a 5k, so I am really excited there is an IPhone app for this! Is there anyone that has tried the app yet? I haven't really looked at it yet because I was waiting to actually start running & didn't want to mess up the program if I "previewed" it and started early. I bought my new shoes at Kohl's this weekend with a 15% off coupon and here in the lovely state of Florida, it was tax-free weekend so I was really excited -- not only about finding a pair of shoes I think have awesome arch support, but awesome arch support at a great price!! Friday is pay day, so I am DEFINITELY registering for the 5k on Friday so I am 100% motivated to make sure I can run this race!

More posts will be coming about my race preparation, as well as my oldest daughter's 1st day of kindergarten (only 2 weeks away!!) & a lot of other fun we have going on this month!!