Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Rid of Weight

Today started my "Getting Rid Of Weight" Challenge. I am challenging myself to actually GET RID of all this weight I am tired of carrying around! As I saw on a friend's pinboard --
My goal is to be able to run the Disney Princess 5k, which isn't until February so I should be fine. I'd like to be able to do the 5k in November for the Wine & Dine at Epcot, and then the Princess 1/2 Marathon, but BABY STEPS! I am so out of shape! I walk all day at work, but tonight I put both girls in the double stroller and walked up and down streets & around cul-de-sacs in my neighborhood to hit a whopping 1.2 miles. I would have gone longer, but I think I must have been walking funny because I could feel a blister forming so I cut off the last cul-de-sac in the neighborhood and turned home. Sure enough, a tiny blister on the inside of my right heel....?? What a weird place for a blister! I was wearing older shoes that the insides of the heels are worn out, so I was wondering if maybe a piece of plastic or something was poking me.

I have been attempting to count calories on my IPhone with the awesome Lose It app, but all of the Easter candy at Target has been taunting me, so I know my totals are off a bit. I have been eating better I think, having a hard boiled egg or an oatmeal muffin for breakfast. I know - what is an oatmeal muffin?? I found this amazing little recipe on Pinterest, and I LOVE these for breakfast. It's from Sugar Free Mom. I make a whole batch, put them in the freezer and wa-la! Breakfast is ready in 30 seconds in the morning. I was thawing them out overnight in the fridge, but have found on the mornings I forgot to transfer one the night before that they thawed just fine from frozen. I put it in a bowl, microwave for 30 seconds and can actually sit at the table and eat a healthy, quick breakfast instead of scarfing down a granola bar in the car. I have actually cut out ALL soda from my diet too, which is amazing because my husband and I were both having a coke a day but we finished our last 12 pk. almost 2 weeks ago and I have only had 1 coke since! So here's to hoping my "Get Rid of Weight" Challenge is successful!

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  1. Yay Disney Princess 5K! I ran the half last year. Maybe I'll be able to come join you someday when you do the half. :)