Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Important to Remember...

So I am trying desperately to start a healthy eating kick again, as well as maintain some sort of exercise routine. But in light of this new "beginning", I feel like this is something really important to read & share. I know my husband shared it on Facebook thinking of me, and I know at least a hundred women that need to read this. Having 2 little girls, this is something I probably need to revisit on a weekly basis. Not only do I teach them to read & write, to say please & thank you, but I teach them how to look in the mirror. How I define beauty, or happiness; and therefore give them guidelines in how they also should define their own beauty & happiness.

I will never be that woman that skips a meal, or doesn't have a piece (or two) of cake because I just love food too much!! But when my 6 year old gets her hair cut short to look like me & donate her hair because I did it, I need to remember she is also watching when I step on the scale, or "pinch an inch" on my waistline. Please read, share, retweet & comment! 

What do you do to share a healthy image with your children? 

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