Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Girls Night!!

My daughter calls Wednesdays "Girls Night." I always feel bad for my husband, as I would rather it be family night, but since we work opposite shifts on Wednesday, he's at work and it's been officially dubbed Girls Night. I try to utilize Wednesday to go outside with the girls, and today was no different -- absolutely gorgeous Florida weather so we put on our shoes and headed out. Days like today are a perfect example of why I could never actually leave Florida. 85 degrees & sunny. Of course, I might need reminding of this in August...

Lately I've been trying to run a little on Wednesdays, but I am new to running (translate: I've always hated running) and have found I cannot push the double stroller with both girls aboard for a respectable distance. Delaney's constant questions that only stop for an answer, which I can't provide when I can't breathe, have a little to do with the lack of running today also. So instead we headed out to the swingset and played for almost an hour before we had to head in for dinner.

Tinkerbell (as I am requested to call her when she is in costume) loves the slide! We were missing some screws that we just got, so it's only been up for 2 days. I have to add that sometimes I do call her Tinkerbell or Rapunzel, and sometimes I don't. But I look at it this way -- she's 5. When she's 7, or 8 or 10 -- she won't ask me to call her that. When she's 14 and around her friends, she might look the other way when I call her real name. So Rapunzel for a year or 2 doesn't hurt me.

Sophie was too interested in the grass to pay me any attention. And how cute are those chubby little thighs?! More importantly -- why aren't chubby thighs cute as we get older???

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