Thursday, March 15, 2012

Supermom On The Move

Today, I felt like SuperMom. I don't usually have those moments, you know -- where I feel like I could don a cape and fly up into the clouds. My moments usually consist of "Let's-Watch-A-Movie-Because I'm-Tired Mom" or "Please-Give-Me-Five-Minutes-to-Finish-the-Dishes Mom".

Wednesdays and Thursdays stink in our house. My husband and I work opposite schedules, which leaves him home with the girls Wednesday morning, I get home in the afternoon, hand him the car keys and he heads to work, only to get home late. Thursday is more of the same. Usually I don't do a lot on Thursdays because I have to get ready for work after lunch, and Thursday is just our chill out day. Well, we had another GORGEOUS weather day. So, I got everyone ready and headed out to the porch. Our porch is huge. It's also disgusting. I never take the kids out there because it's so dirty. Part of that problem is because our dryer vent blows onto the porch, so any loose lint lives out there. So, any suggestions to that problem are welcome!! Anyway, Delaney wore her swimsuit and Sophie got to sit in the stroller while I cleaned the porch. No deep cleaning, but I put the long "As Seen On TV" pressure washer thing on the hose, used the sprayer side and rinsed all the pollen off the screens, then cleaned all the dirt, grass, daddy long leg spiders, and lint off the porch. I even took everything but the play house and the glass table off the porch and had Delaney help me clean the toys. Once about 1/2 the porch was clean, I let Sophie down to play and she had a good time with a bucket and a shovel. I just can't believe I got the entire porch done and that's one less thing on the to-do list for this weekend. And now we might be able to enjoy a little bit of our weekend off outside as well!

Make sure to check back tomorrow, with St. Patty's Day around the corner, I'll be posting our favorite snack!

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